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Redesigning the Firm:

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Room for Improvement. Restructuring and Redesig...
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Seminar paper from the year 2011 in the subject Business economics - Personnel and Organisation, grade: B, Prifysgol Cymru University of Wales, language: English, abstract: In the following case study we would be looking at a manufacturing company, Flambo Plast GmbH (FPG) specializing in the fields of plastic packaging, catering largely to the food industry. It is a family run business, involved in manufacturing three types of products viz., beverage packaging, food packaging and cutlery. It has an enlisted record of 500 employees. It was enjoying a good stand since its inception, but the growing competition in the field in the recent years, have pushed the management to rethink newer possibilities. The general threat is mostly experienced from the cheap product options flooding the German market. The management is run single-handedly by one owner. Lack of specialization amidst the employees is baffling and disappointing the management. Key Concern Areas The condition in the manufacturing unit is not proving to contribute to organizational growth. · Large number of temporary workers, leading to higher churn, lack of skills. · High rate of sick leave application, burdening productivity of the firm. · Lack of employee motivation, owing to mismatched skills, low managerial control. · Employees are supervised by three administrative managers dealing with three individual product lines. This causes conflict in direction and reduced clarity on product line, requiring different set of focus and skills. Lack of customer feedback has reduced the customer connect. · With global markets garnering momentum, it is imperative to understand cost competitiveness, product competitiveness, differentiating products to market. Thus it is quite apparent that the management will have to consider a total organizational restructuring along with a thorough redesigning of the functioning of the human resource segment (read more). Dynamic leader, consultant, and serial entrepreneur with more than 14 years experience within the startup industry, including marketing communication disciplines, strategic planning, business development, sales, experiential campaigns, fundraising, fixing, coaching, and project management in 36 countries across the world. Specialist skills include creative and strategic thinking, public funding, technical production and design, client and team management, budgeting, organization and efficiency along with in-depth knowledge of markets within the EU, North Africa, and the Middle East. Partners and clients include corporations, governmental officials, NGOs, foundations, universities and individual professionals. Educated in the U.S., France, Finland, Germany, and the UK; I studied Law and Economics at University of Applied Sciences, Südwestfalen (Germany) as well as Business Management at University of Wales (UK).

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